Nature Outing Is Not Stolen

2008-12-04 13:40:32 by VillainousTurtleSLC

I keep getting comments saying that just because this movie was made 2 years ago, but posted recently, it must be stolen. I explained to one commenter with the following:
I can give you a full run down of how this was made and other reasons why it's mine.
1. The background image behind the hunters was shot by my brother, at Yellowstone National park, just above the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, on the trail above the lower falls. The image behind the deer was shot in the mountains of emigration canyon, in SLC, Utah, by me. I have that same photo with my family in it taken that same day by a passing tourist. They were then printed at Kinkos onto large glossy sheets and taped to the wall behind the figures.
2. This animation was made in 2006 for my beginning animation class at the University of Utah. The professor of that class watched as I hand-crafted the figures from Bendy Sculpy and wire. He could vouch for me if pressed.
3. I have photographs of me standing in front of the miniature set where this all went down.
4. That is my voice. I can do that voice on command.
5. The red clay used to make the blood was stuck to the wall behind the scene. Some of the clay stained the wall at my brother's apartment where I used to live. If you go over there, the stains are STILL there because they are so hard to clean off.
6. I have a notebook with storyboard sketches and concept sketches for this film.
7. This played at the University of Utah film festival in January 2007. I got tickets to Tower theaters for entering.
8. My name is Christian Madsen.
How would I know so much about the making of this film if I hadn't made it myself? Geez. I think the only thing worse than some of the half ass crits I get where people say, "Boring and predictable" is when people say, "Hey, you didn't make this!!!"


Well, here is proof that I made the thing- This ought to settle it.

Nature Outing Is Not Stolen


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2008-12-04 13:47:02

you just pwned the accusers. hooray!


2008-12-04 14:01:01



2008-12-04 15:07:44

Another great flick.
Well done!


2008-12-04 15:32:36

Don't let it worry you.

Loving all your stuff so far. I'll be keeping an eye out for more of your work.


2008-12-04 16:00:55

Although I've never seen this movie, you show them! I hate these kind of people!


2008-12-04 17:31:19



2008-12-04 19:09:47

You look young for a college student :D

VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

Yeah I get that all the time. I look a tiny bit older now but not much. Ha ha!