After 10 months in hiding, I made a NEW MOVIE!

2009-10-28 03:15:22 by VillainousTurtleSLC

Click to check it out!!

Sorry I haven't posted in so long. I started this in February but animated 80% of it over the past month. I hope you enjoy it and thanks for watching!


The fantastic geological formations that litter the surface of the desert planet Ouroboros are not its only natural wonder. Many diverse life forms dwell amongst the towering hoodoos, sweeping arches, and massive cliffs. Unbeknownst to each individual creature, his or her existence is only a small part of a perpetual and interconnected cycle. Geometric impossibilities and anomalous laws of physics present themselves at the most unexpected moments. Great multitudes wage brutal battles over frivolous differences. Motile beings transform into sessile plants, death gives way to life and the cycle begins again.


After 10 months in hiding, I made a NEW MOVIE!


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2009-10-28 03:53:52

All my 5'er!


2009-10-28 10:59:29

great work man, it was very impressive.


2009-10-28 16:34:12

My internet was down last night, so I couldn't watch it until now... WOW!!
it reminds be a bit of that french animated flim from the seventies La plan├Ęte sauvage... but only a bit. Mostly for science fiction reasons and fighting races.


2009-10-28 18:25:41

Best animation I've seen in quite some time. Congrats on the front page.


2009-10-30 21:44:20

I don't have time to leave a proper review, but I'm very glad that you've managed to have significant success with Hoodoos! I've been following some of your work after Halucialiens and you really are a talented animator, so I'm glad that this is finally becoming more evident!



2009-11-04 01:58:24

weekly 4th?! damn you JERRY!! XO

VillainousTurtleSLC responds:

It's cool I'm happy with 4th. :)